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Key Features

  • Rturbo/P runs on Windows (XP, 7), Apple (OS X) and Linux.
  • Rturbo/P for Windows is a small standalone system that does not require other software to be installed.
  • Rturbo/P is compatible with RStudio.
  • There are no system limits for the size of objects (matrices, vectors, lists) - even in the demo version. The limits are your OS and your hardware.
  • The standard libraries provide basic functions for statistical analysis and numerics. Particularly, the current version implements (simplified versions of) elementary statistical functions such as mean, sd, quantile, summary as well as more advanced basic functions such as  lsfit, svd, qr, solve and chol. Some time series are also implemented.
  • Implementing algorithms for languages such as C of JAVA is simplified by the cstyle environment, where vectors and matrices are indexed as in C, and C-like function definitions. P also implements a C-like for loop.
  • Parallel threads can be easily written using the thread statement.
  • Parallel for loops allow simple parallel computations and simulations.
  • Local threads within a function can use local variables as private variables or shared variables. They can even call that function recursively.
  • Simple parallel cluster computing is possible with fork.
  • Rturbo/P supports default expressions for arguments as well as named arguments
  • Socket communication is implemented. All currently supported data types and structures including lists can be transmitted easily.
  • Basic support for strings and boolean is available.
  • C-like I/O capabilties including simplified versions of snprintf, fprintf are available. 
  • P implements a JAVA-like easy-to-use object system with simple inheritance