Rturbo/P is a dialect of the S language and its relative R. It aims at high performance statistical computing and stochastic simulation and is implemented as a lightweight and portable compiler. Rturbo/P is significantly faster than R and implements easy to use extensions for parallel multi-core computing and cluster computing. The system is available for free for various architectures and operating systems such as OS X, Windows, Linux and Raspberrry Pi (ARM)

Upcoming features:

  • Functions for encryption and hash generation
  • Support for basic image analysis using the C++ CImg library by  on-the-fly compilation and linking.


  • New version 2015_03 released
  • Improved file I/O and string handling
  • New simple interface to run P scripts from C
  • Reading and writing of .wav audio files implemented
  • Parallel computing: parallel for, cluster computing using fork
  • Communication via sockets available
  • Simple and elegant OO model
  • Ported to the Raspberry Pi (ARM)


  • is really fast! 
  • compiles a basic subset of the R language for statistical computing
  • provides tremendous speedups of existing code written in R and S
  • is our blueprint for the next generation statistical computing using the R language
  • easy to use and very similar to R
  • can be embeded into other languages and apps such as R, C/C++ and JAVA.

 If you know a faster way to run R programs, let us know!